Saturday, March 29, 2014

Organized cupboards

I started my week off with big plans. Clean the house, rake the yard & organize the kitchen cupboards. Ohhh, how the cupboards get on my nerves. Where's the sage? Why did I buy more stuffing when there's 2 boxes already in the back? Has anybody seen the small pot? My cupboards make my life seem very difficult sometimes. Here I am, a week later, and I haven't touched my cupboards. Because after I've finished 3 books, tidied most of the rooms in my house, taken several bubble baths, spent a day with my family and sat on my porch swing with a beer I've realized that my cupboards don't matter. Not really. My question to myself is, why did it take a week off work to do those things? When I leave work at 4, why don't I really leave work? And why, during a busy work week, do I get angry when I lose 30 seconds looking for a spatula? Back to work on Tuesday. Will I be able to hold on to the feeling of life being so much bigger than cupboards? Or will the first time I can't find a tupperware lid send me back into my typical thoughts of 'if only this cupboard made sense so would my life'?

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